AlkaKrisp Natural Alkaline Water - 24 Pack

  • $34.99

AlkaKrisp Natural Alkaline Water Bottle pH 9-10, Refreshing Premium Pure 8 Stage Filtered Ionized, Nutrient Mineral Enhanced, Electrolyte Infused to Rehydrate (24 Pack 700ml 23.7fl oz) AlkaKrisp is committed to providing a luxury water that is Beyond Natural and pure by filtering all of the harmful waste and particles through.

More Info:
AlkaKrisp™ is a revolutionary alkaline water that redefines your drinking experience. With our patented filtering process, we ensure the highest pH levels, offering you a truly enjoyable and hydrating taste.

Our mission is to support your well-being by providing exceptional alkaline water. AlkaKrisp™ is your ultimate source of great-tasting, super healthy hydration. We’ve designed unique distribution plans at affordable prices, so you can have convenient access to AlkaKrisp™ water whenever you need it most.

Why choose AlkaKrisp™?

  • Promotes healthy living, detoxification, and hydration.
  • Neutralizes and balances, enhancing antioxidants.
  • A natural source of Calcium for optimum health.
  • Offers a pure, natural taste with increased intracellular hydration.
  • Replenishes essential minerals for overall well-being.
  • Helps maintain normal blood flow and acid-alkaline balance.
  • Prevents waste accumulation and neutralizes free radicals in cells.
  • Filtered through Ultra Violet and Reverse Osmosis processes.
  • AlkaKrisp water boasts a pH of 9-10.
  • Proven to eliminate chlorine or fluoride residues in other brands.
  • Incorporates multiple filtration layers for enhanced taste and minerals.
  • Stabilizes and protects cells for better vitality.

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