Alkabev - White

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Introducing our revolutionary portable water filtration system proudly made in the USA. This cutting-edge device transforms water from any source into pure, safe drinking water. Harnessing the power of nature-inspired processes, it mimics natural water purifying and mineralizing to produce alkaline water – one of the safest and healthiest forms of water available.

Our comprehensive system combines multiple functions, including filtering, purifying, energizing, micro-clustering, ionizing, and mineralizing. The result is water with high alkalinity and exceptional health benefits. With its portable design, you can enjoy access to clean water anywhere you go.

What sets our filtration system apart is its eco-friendly and electricity-free operation. Once connected to the water source, it works naturally to filter water, ensuring a sustainable and eco-conscious solution for pure and refreshing hydration. Experience the next level of water filtration with our USA-made portable system, promoting health and wellness while caring for the planet.

Alkabev White
One of the most important aspects in our life is health, without it we can’t achieve our full potential.

Alkaline water helps us improve and maintain our quality of life. The Counter Top Alkaline system converts tap water into alkaline water, balancing the pH level in our body.

  • High levels of oxygen in water.
  • Natural source of calcium.
  • Helps maintain health.
  • Detoxifies and hydrates your body.
  • Antioxidant rich.
  • pH 8.5 – 9.5
  • Enjoy natural water.
  • Great taste.

Alkabev’s Alkaline POU water-filtration process works in the following manner:

Stage 1: Mechanical Filtration that removes dust, rust, and heavy particles from water.

Stage 2: Instead of using ceramic filters or ultraviolet lighting, Alkabev’uses a carbon filter consisting of activated coconut shell particles fused with adsorptive capacity and efficiency capabilities. This filter removes up to 99% of the organic-based contaminants found in water.

Stage 3: Accompanied with a 0.5 micron carbon block, Alkabev’s hollow-fiber technology allows the unit to generate quicker water flow while reducing water-filtration times.

Stage 4: As water passes through the filters, it breaks up the clusters of water molecules into smaller ones, making it easier for the body to absorb (increasing hydration levels in the process).

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